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Black Desert Online Games PC Reviews 

Black Desert Online Review

Black Desert Online developed by Pearl Abyss is available now on PC.

Black Desert Online takes place in a fantasy world and it revolves around a war between two nations the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. Both have massive differences with one being materialistic and the other very spiritual. This obviously has created a rift between the two. What really sets off the war is an area controlled by one of the factions spreads the black plague in which it kills millions around the world. The story is interesting but I felt most of the quests at the start didn’t have much of a back story, it started off as your typical, your character has no memory of his past, and we see it quite often in games, it’s not bad but it’s also too common in movies, games and books. As you progress you learn more about the war, the history, the characters and lore. NPCs littered around along the way all have interesting things to say to help you learn about the world of Black Desert Online which in turn helps you understand the objective of the game more.

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online feels almost alive in the world the developers have created, MMORPG’s I feel sometimes have trouble keeping player numbers up but evidently, in Black Desert Online, this isn’t the case. The world isn’t just alive with other players but the NPC’s and the enemies are all up to their own activities as-well. When running through the world it just didn’t feel empty like some MMO’s for me have in the past. My issue with the game at first, however, was how complicated the UI is and the many menus included within, it took a lot to learn it all and understand and I didn’t feel that I had the greatest amount of help with it at first. The game does great in teaching you how to move, fight and talk to NPC’s which then lead onto quests but I didn’t receive much help with menus, I don’t know if there was a help option you had to search or not but it was all very complicated and hard to get to grips with. That being said I did have fun traversing the beautiful lands chopping down low-level enemies as a warrior with a cleaver, the combat side really delivers. The quests in most MMORPG’s do tend to get a bit repetitive but I enjoyed taking these tasks on due to the combat and character control in the game. I didn’t run into any bugs whatsoever in my playthrough, I just enjoyed seeing other players fighting and looking forward to customising my character more with armour and weapons. The leveling up system in Black Desert Online is fun to level up but difficult to understand the skills I was buying, I found the skill system a little strange, I was having fun chopping down enemies with the amount of varied basic moves and I found myself as a warrior barely using the skills I had at first. As the game went on I used them more but with a warrior, the skills I had chosen felt boring in a way. I would have much rather been a Dark Knight but they only had a female version and I have this obsession with developing certain characters in character creation I’ll always create a guy with long hair and a beard like myself so I chose warrior. I feel that if I had chosen the dark knight class I’d have had a lot more fun messing with the skills. The skills aren’t boring as such it was just boring for the class I chose unfortunately but there is a very large amount to choose from to customise your character to your liking.

Black Desert Online

Graphics wise Black Desert Online is one of the most beautiful looking MMORPG’s out there, the environment, the characters and boy I’ve never seen such an amazing character creation system in an MMO before. It really gives you full control over the creation of your character and later in the game really feels like it lets you be you rather than giving you a character with a story already laid out for you. I felt the character was my own and throughout I was learning more about the skills, the lore and so much more about this character I had created. Maybe I get too attached to my video game characters… The soundtrack is nice to stroll down paths to and the action music is hectic to aid you in the epic battles you will have with the enemies while trying to save the world.

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is a fun MMORPG with a huge player base and lots to do but I felt that it was such a hard game to pick up and learn. Black Desert Online is a 50/50 experience, it shines in some areas like combat, graphics and sound but lacks in introducing new players in a simple way, I didn’t much follow the story but I did enjoy the lore explained by NPC’s and also the lack of being able to change some classes to different genders was disappointing. If you like MMORPG’s give the trial a go see if it’s your thing, I feel that the game requires a lot of time and patience to fully understand it and it’s not a game to pick up and play quick. If you do manage to learn and get to grips with it, it’s a very exciting and rewarding experience if sometimes repetitive.













  • Brilliant Combat and Movement
  • Customisation Options Are Plenty
  • No Bugs
  • Living World
  • Graphics Are Beautiful


  • Hard To Understand UI
  • Takes Time To Learn
  • The Story Wasn't The Greatest
  • Can Become Repetitive
  • Can't Change Gender



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