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An Intense Look At Intensive Exposure

Intensive Exposure, developed and published by Fireline Games, is an arcade-like indie game where the player runs through one of three locations, dodging security guards, toppling shelves, and exposing women to male genitalia. The game is simplistic in presentation, with a simple menu that opens up into a level select screen. From here, the player is shown the entirety of the game’s content.

Intensive Exposure


There are three levels for the player to rampage through, the latter pair of which are unlocked by scoring enough points in the level which came before. At first glance, these scores seem reasonably simple to achieve and make for a short-lived game. Where the game’s challenge lies, however, is not in the race to unlock levels, which is done with only a little effort, but in unlocking the various skins the game offers for the flasher. Many of these are references to other media, such as Batman, the Scream movies, and Santa Claus. All of them, unfortunately, are entirely cosmetic.

That’s it for the content.  Run around, flash people, score points based on how many people are flashed for how long (which builds up a combo multiplier which degrades over time) and don’t get caught.  Police officers will chase after you, as well as the occasional victim more incited than terrified.  They can be slowed by knocking various objects in their way, such as filing cabinets, signs, and so on.  Unlike Dead By Daylight, these objects cannot be dropped onto an enemy, only in front of them to bar their path.  When faced with an obstacle, the enemies will attempt to path-find around it, and if they cannot quickly do so, a timer will appear above their head in the form of a blue circle, which counts down the time until they right the obstacle and continue the pursuit.

The game’s audio, like the rest of it, is simplistic, but not unpleasant. It doesn’t clash with the frantic pace of the game. Neither does the art-style, which is a high-resolution version of old-school pixel graphics during play and what appear to be hand-drawn loading screens.


Intensive Exposure is a simple arcade game with little depth. In an age of arcade machines and Pong, it would have fantastic appeal. Today, it’s an example of the genre which is brief and simple. If one can make their own fun, or enjoys the attempt to unlock cosmetics through repeated play, then this game could provide hours and hours of entertainment. It’s no Air Control or Steam Greenlight asset flip, but it has little of substance to hold attention. The game features leaderboards, allowing players to compete for the highest score in the world, but this is only done by repeating already completed content and provides no new experiences.

Intensive Exposure














  • Humorous Tone
  • Short Iteration
  • Leaderboards


  • Short
  • All Skins Are Cosmetic
  • Very Little Progression



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