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World of One Games Opinion PC 

World of One Indie Showcase

World of One, developed by Grimwood Team is a puzzle, arcade platformer that will be available on the PC soon.

When I first launched World of One it felt like the game Limbo from the look and the feel, but after a few minutes, it evolved into a game of its own. You start off on a sphere that represents your home and town, at least that’s what I thought. Starting out in your hut the looming adventure is waiting outside the door and what an adventure I had. I decided to explore the starting area and discovered that you could interact with the environment around you which triggered the character to talk about the surroundings or used an object that you touched. I love that about video games when an environment so breathtaking lets you interact with it, that’s a bonus right there.

After leaving my hut and exploring the world a little more I happened across a theme park that while it was fully functional it was completely abandoned. I feel the lighting in this is what adderall made the atmosphere so tense and it kept me wondering, what happened here? If a game has me asking questions it can either be a negative thing or a positive. In this game it felt that a lot was hidden behind the discovery and I loved it, I loved wondering what had happened throughout my playthrough, it meant that I had become engaged with the game. The puzzle section was easy but fun due to having to investigate it all myself without hints, I prefer working stuff out myself due to the gratification you get once it is completed. The first puzzle was just moving a box in a certain place to grab a key while powering the ferris wheel, simple yet it was a taste of what was to come and I imagine in the full game the difficulty will increase.

I enjoyed World of One and can’t wait to see how the full game pans out. If it’s anything like the demo I look forward to it.



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