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The Wii-U And Why Nintendo Shouldn’t Have Given Up

With the Nintendo Switch now available and Zelda the Breath of the Wild being the last official game from Nintendo to be released on the Wii-U I want to talk about how sad it is that the Wii-U is no more.

Nintendo Wii-U

The Wii-U in my house was bought as a family Christmas present in 2015, it came with the New Super Mario Bros. The classic Super Mario Bros. style has always been a game I’ve  gone back to in the years and had a much different experience and feel to the games I usually play. There’s nothing like a good old 2D platformer and Nintendo know how to make them. As the year went on more games were picked up, Super Smash Bros. which brought back the classic Nintendo fighting game onto our screens and gave us a massive range of characters and game modes to make it the biggest yet. Taking the fight online was the highlight of Super Smash Bros. and trying to beat your friends was a fun challenge. Splatoon was released and Nintendo tried their hand at a third person shooter with an inky twist and it was a success and very addictive. Zombii U breaking the tradition of keeping the Nintendo consoles as more of a family console was a unique take on the zombie apocalypse using the Wii-U’s tablet. I feel that the games that were released on the console while there wasn’t a massive array of titles, some of them felt unique and different to the ones on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Whereas the other consoles stuck to the classic formula of controller and console, Nintendo always tried to push it to the limit and the Wii-U while it didn’t do as well as other consoles, at least it tried. When my partner or kids were using the TV I could just put a game on the tablet and play buy adderall online away, depending on if it supported using the tablet as the primary device instead of the TV and most did. Many hours were spent playing Mario Kart while Guitar Hero was being played on the PlayStation 4.

Nintendo Wii-UOne of the highlight games for myself has to be Super Mario Maker. Nintendo gave us the power to build our own levels in the famous Mario video games and I jumped at the chance and made quite a few levels and played a few too. With games like this, the Wii-U for me stood out from the rest. Unfortunately, the console just didn’t do well enough, third party developers gave up on it too fast, sales dwindled and with the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the lower end tech of the Wii-U couldn’t compete with the hype of the other consoles. I don’t want it to go, I don’t want the Wii-U to die. The Wii-U has offered some amazing times and memories, I feel Nintendo should still back it, why not release Super Mario Odyssey on the Wii-U just like Zelda the Breath of Wild has been? For the people who can’t afford the Nintendo Switch, at least they’d still get to play a few of the titles that would be compatible with the Wii-Us tech. Why completely give up with the console while a lot of the fans still support and play it? The Switch releasing is more of a sad time for me as I see now the time has come to almost say goodbye, as support will slowly fade away from the Wii-U and more effort will be put into the Switch. The Wii-U may not have done fantastically well but it was different, new and unique and it’s a real shame it just didn’t get the love it deserved.




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