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What Happened To Rayman?

Ubisoft several years ago released Rayman Legends on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and PC and was originally supposed to be a Wii-U Exclusive. Rayman Legends for me was a unique and challenging 2D platformer with stunning visuals and addictive gameplay. My question is, though, why didn’t Ubisoft follow up with a sequel?

Let’s travel back to 1995 when the original Rayman was released on the PlayStation 1, PC, DOS, Sega Saturn, Gameboy Advance and most recently on the iOS and Google Play Store. The game won several awards for Best RaymanMusic in a CD-ROM Game and Best Animation in Electric Gaming Monthly’s 1995 Gaming Awards. Rayman sold up to 900,000 copies within 2 years and then became the best-selling PlayStation 1 game in the UK. The plot of the original Rayman game revolves around rescuing the Great Protoon and Electoons to restore peace throughout the valley. A simple premise but it is a game that was so different to what I had usually played with a fantastic soundtrack and fun gameplay elements to aid it all, but band world was absolutely frustrating. With great success financially and critically, of course, a sequel had to be made.

Rayman 2 made the giant leap into the 3rd dimension in 1999 and again was a critical success even going as far as to say it raised the standards Raymanregarding 3D, level design and gameplay. This led to the game being ported to many consoles and handhelds in later years. Rayman 2 has even made it onto Best Games of all Time lists in the past. In the brand new world named the Glade of Dreams, a group of Robo-Pirates have turned up to enslave the inhabitants and Rayman must put a stop to the chaos. Again a sequel arrived Rayman 3, this time throwing the gameplay around a bit and adding the ability to take on new power-ups to aid Rayman in his many activities, from fighting enemies to jumping up to higher places. The 3rd entry didn’t get the same attention as the previous 2 and after its release in 2003, Rayman disappeared. There were a few spinoffs between games and remasters in later years but between 2003 and 2011 there wasn’t any major launch of a new Rayman game. Until 2011 that is.

RaymanRayman Origins was shown to the world and it was due for release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PsVita and PC. Ubisoft brought the legend back in a new hand drawn art styled 2D platformer buy adderall minneapolis that was full of content and felt like it had gone back to its routes. The game received fantastic reviews from many and personally, I thought it was a fantastic 10/10 platformer. Along came Rayman Legends it was sad to see that the game was being launched exclusively to the Wii-U when Origins was so fantastic, it didn’t fully make sense as it had a popular fan-base and leaving it on the one console that hadn’t released just yet was a bit disappointing. Luckily my prayers to the gaming gods had been answered and Rayman Legends was being released on multiple consoles and I just had to pre-order it. Hours upon hours were spent trying to get the Platinum Trophy in the game and me and my partner must have been trying for months on multiplayer just to achieve it. Not only was the multiplayer a fantastic addition to randomly generated cRaymanourses each day and week but the single player came with musical levels. The musical levels were songs such as Black Betty, the Kill Bill song (I can’t remember the title) and my all time favourite the guitar solo when you’re in a hell type level. You had to jump and attack at the right moments along with the rhythm of the music and it was so beautifully done and so unique. Rayman Legends received amazing reviews from critics and players around the world and did financially great for Ubisoft… So why no true sequel?
Unfortunately, all we received recently were mobile sequels, they really don’t feel like true sequels at all. Most of the Rayman games were huge successes, they were money makers, fan pleasers so I really don’t understand it. I’ve looked into why there isn’t and I fail to come up with any answers. Perhaps it didn’Rayman t make enough money to seem viable to keep running, development took quite a while and the video gaming market seems to thrive at the moment on DLC and Microtransactions and the latest Rayman games on mobile have the transactions included. What fans want is a true sequel, a Rayman game on the latest consoles for the fans, many people have stated how they belong in the top 5 platformers of all time so please Ubisoft give us a sequel. Would you like to see a Rayman sequel or do you think its time has come? Don’t forget to leave a comment and we can have a good old discussion about it.



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