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Steam Summer Sale Is Almost Here But The Excitement Isn’t There

It’s that time again where our wallets scream “please god no stop!” as we spend spend spend on the Steam sales. In just 2 hours a rush of bargains will flood our pages and I’m sure we’ll all fall for them but it’s not what it use to be is it?

I’ve been a member of Steam since 2004 when I got Half Life 2 for Christmas on a Radeon 9000 Pro graphics card that could barely run it, but hey it was Half Life 2. Steam was but a security program for Valves games eventually evolving into the giant digital store it is today. Throughout the years we’ve all been victims to the Steam Sales whether it was Halloween, Easter or the two biggest ones, Summer and Christmas. Years ago we were given special themes, mini-games to earn tokens and even free games, the best one was the way Valve worked with many companies to put special Steam Achievements in certain games like Serious Sam 3 to earn coal. You could then trade that coal in for games, tokens, in-game goodies, it was perfect. Games that were once £30 reduced to £5, mini-games, forums donating games to people who couldn’t really afford the games they wanted. It was something to look forward to every year. As time went on, the mini-games went, the sales stopped being unlockable every 24 hours they were all just put onto sale at once so waiting for 6 pm in the UK every day for a new batch of sales became less exciting. Games weren’t as cheap as they use to be in previous sales. The excitement became less and less and now it’s not a big deal anymore. Steam will still make insane amounts of money from them, we’ll all still fall for them but it just isn’t what it use to be.

Before I come under scrutiny about how prices in the world have risen in inflation since early years and game companies can’t afford to let stuff go for too cheap, I get that I really do, but the spirit of the sales seem to have been removed and the fun just isn’t there anymore. What are your opinions on the latest Steam sales?



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