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Interplanetary Enhanced Edition Video Game Showcase

Interplanetary developed by Team Jolly Rodger and published by Team 17 is now available in a brand new enhanced edition on Steam HERE.

Players will design artillery systems for their home planets to defend from the enemy. Not all is that simple, unfortunately. The gravity fields are completely unpredictable. Features are listed below:

  • You’ll be able to go vs friends online or locally and fight each other or vs the AI.
  • You’ll have to manage your planet’s infrastructure to make sure you remain dominant
  • Resource gathering is key to becoming the best-defended planet on the map
  • Research new tech to gain control over the enemies
  • You’ll also be able to spy on the enemy and work out the best strategy to take
  • Gravity will affect your shots, you must plan them correctly to get it all working properly
  • There are many ways to destroy the enemy so make sure you fire your railguns, missiles, and beams to win.

Interplanetary Enhanced Edition is a revised version of the original, people who own the original will also get the title free. The new features for this title include:

  • Online AI bots
  • Elliptic orbits
  • Quick targeting mode
  • New buildings
  • Rebalancing
  • General fixes and improvements

I had a little go of the new enhanced edition and enjoyed it quite a lot, even though I wasn’t great at it. It offers a lot of replayability and play with friends is a must, it is so much fun. You can pick it up now on Steam.



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