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A Gummy’s Life Early Impressions

The guys at Mana Marketing sent me a copy of A Gummy’s Life on Steam the other day, here’s my take on it.

A Gummy’s Life on Steam is currently in early access but offers a really strange yet unique and fun experience. As a physics-based brawler, it attracted my attention as games like these often yield hilarious results. The objective is to beat up the other gummies either online, solo or split screen and avoid the maps hazards. The map will attempt to destroy you as well as everything else but I felt it add to the challenge and stopped it from being like other fighting games. It’s almost like Super Smash Bros. So much is going on but the results are hilarious, I’ve always wanted to be a gummy bottle and smash gummy bears to pieces… What’s not to like?

Graphically while my PC managed okay there were a few frame drops but it didn’t deter from a brand new experience that I can’t wait to keep having in the future. Saying the game is realistic looking with gummies may be silly but the gummies look as if the developers have taken them out of the bag and made them fight each other. Sound design at the moment being so early on there isn’t much to say but I know via updates this will become something that is original and fantastic.

If you have some money, invest it in this title. Why do you ask? We’re in an era with games being developed that take themselves too seriously. The developers at EP Games have taken the jump and come up with something wacky and hilarious and we need more titles like this. If you’re interested in the title you can check it out on the Steam Store page HERE.



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