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Escape from Tarkov Showcase

Escape from Tarkov developed by Saint-Petersburg’s very own Battlestate Games is developing a massive multiplayer online combat simulator with many RPG and story-driven elements. Escape from Tarkov is set is the fictional place of the Norvinsk Region on the frontier between Russia and Europe. Due to anarchy in the city scavenger gangs, ex-private military forces and black operation units roam the lands. You, on the other hand, have to escape the city fighting through all these factions. A closed beta trailer features below:

My experience with the game was pretty good for a closed beta. While the game does need a little optimisation it’s a really tense military shooter, no game was ever the same when I played. Escape from Tarkov’s realism really makes for such an atmosphere and you know a newbie just stepping foot on the ground like myself had no chance against a team of pro’s. It really feels like a Mad Max sort of universe or dog eat dog. What I will say is that it isn’t the easiest of games, it has a learning curve but once you master it the game is full of freedom to do what you want in a military setting. It reminded me of the Arma games.

The graphic design is beautiful, it really brings to life the harsh wastes of Tarkov and the atmosphere just adds to the already tense game. The sound design is very realistic, the design teams have obviously put a massive focus on realism and they really have achieved it. I recommend this to die-hard fans of the genre as with friends it could be a really fantastic experience but alone can get a bit lonely at times and more terrifying when you hear gunshots in the distance.




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