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Activision Want To Remaster More Classics And This Is What We Want At Creep-Score

Activision is proud to announce that the Crash N-Sane Trilogy was more of a success than they ever imagined. If the charts don’t prove that, the shops constantly selling out and not having any copies left proves how popular it has become. Activision now wants to look into remastering other classics will they remaster Crash Team Racing? Crash Bash? Or the legendary Spyro trilogy on the PlayStation 1.

I recently went back to Spyro 2 as I found this gem lying in a charity shop a few months back. I thought to myself could you imagine these little open worlds recreated with the technology of today. Crash N-Sane Trilogy surpassed expectations and I feel Spyro would do the same. Each level was so vastly different from the last and a new species would tell you it’s little side story in which you’d help save them or do what they ask of you. Each level had different obstacles, different challenges and I feel if they remastered Spyro, it would sell immensely well. The open world platforming was the thing that always took me back to that game, the creativity behind it all made it such a joy to play. The challenges of saving all the dragons, rescuing all the eggs and even the fun boss battles were varied enough to keep it interesting. If Activision does anything it needs to be a Spyro remake next.



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