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VRFocus Announces Support for the VR Diversity Initiative

VRFocus LTD. is proud to announce its sponsorship of the VR Diversity Initiative. The VR Diversity Initiative is a UK event that is dedicated to improving diversity in the technology sector. The group offers support and workshops towards people that are sometimes underrepresented in the media and in the tech world. This includes women, LGBT, Black, Asian and much more that would consider a career in VR whether it be gaming, movies, television or taking new steps into the world of VR.

Catherine Allen, Executive Producer, The VR Diversity Initiative said:

“VR is fast evolving from a cool new medium into a fully-fledged industry. As this happens, this industry is truly what we make of it. We have a golden opportunity, before norms bed in to make VR healthy and inclusive from the beginning.” She continued, “This approach is not only ethically sound but makes commercial sense too: a diverse workforce is what we need to attract mainstream audiences and sustain the industry for the long term. The need to turn words into actions has become increasingly pressing, and therefore I am delighted to lead the efforts of the VR Diversity Initiative.”Diversi

Kevin Joyce, CEO of VRFocus, said:

“Promoting diversity in the technology industry is rapidly growing in importance, and I’m proud that VRFocus can offer support to directly raise awareness of this issue. Catherine Allen is hugely respected as a spokesperson for diversity in VR and with the support of VRFocus, will drive opportunities for a more diverse industry in the UK.”

The first event will host a roundtable discussion on overcoming the many issues in the world today around underrepresentation in the sector. It will also be captured in full 360 VR by VRFocus and streamed onto

We at Creep-Score believe that this project is a fantastic idea in helping others that may not have the chance to have a chance in achieving their dreams. With backers such as Bossa Studios, Epic Games, Hammerhead VR, Nick Morey of Dynamo PR, Fierce Kaiju, Triangular Pixels, Opposable VR, Psytec Games and Little Big PR we also offer our support to the team.





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