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Ubisoft E3 Conference Recap

Ubisoft was back this year with another E3 conference and sadly this year, it wasn’t cheesy like the rest, they seem to have matured, gone are the awful puns and the use of memes in a conference. The conference started off with a look at Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It really surprised me to see that it was more of a tactical action game rather than a platformer. You can see what you think below:

Next up was Assassins Creed Origins, we saw a little more gameplay and got a brief explanation on the history of the game. Assassin’s Creed Origins takes us back to when the Assassins started. You’ll be exploring ancient Egypt and the new game mechanics throw it into a new much-needed direction. We can already tell the break has done the title well. A trailer features below:

Just Dance 18 was there. There was a dance, some questionable singing. Unfortunately, we have no trailer to show you. Next up was Far Cry 5, I cannot wait for this, a religious cult has taken the town of Hope in The United States of America. The whole town has been blocked completely and cell phone signals have been jammed. There is no way out so you must take on the cult. The trailers looked breath taking and the gameplay just as much. You can view the gameplay below:

The biggest announcement even though Ubisoft had announced that it would not be shown at E3 2017 was Beyond Good and Evil 2. The conference cheered with joy, gamers around the world probably felt the same way. Beyond Good and Evil 2 was announced with an amazing CGI trailer. Some people questioned the fact that it’s a prequel and has taken on new characters but mostly everyone was just overjoyed. The trailer features below:

Another interesting new IP from Ubisoft was Starlink: Battle for Atlas. It looked like a crossover between No Mans Sky and Skylanders. You purchase ships and attachments and attach them to your controller while exploring multiple planets and taking on a demonic like enemy presence that threatens all life. I can’t say I was too interested, as much as I like No Mans Sky I just don’t want to hype it up too much, but I will definitely be giving it a go. A trailer features below:

Skull and Bones was next up, another pirate game. It seemed to take the naval battles from Assassins Creed Black Flag and spin it into its own title. You’ll be thrown into the Indian Ocean and fighting with other people online for loot, power and just an all round good time. The combat is very similar to Black Flag which isn’t a bad thing, I just hope it really holds its own as pirates are awesome. Again, a trailer features below:

The Crew 2, they’ve taken a much better approach this time round and turned it into a motorsports game. From what it looks like you can still explore the whole of America but this time, by boat, bike, plane and cars. The off-road looked stunning and we were told we could take our own path anywhere. The plane gameplay looked absolutely fantastic and really fun and so did the boats. I just hope the driving mechanics are fixed this time round, I loved The Crew but the driving felt a bit boring. The Crew 2 looks really positive and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. A trailer features below:

Ubisoft’s E3 conference was a corker, it was full of games, full of content and just an all out exciting watch. I don’t think anyone at Creep-Score has wallets full enough to purchase all of these on release. But damn it, we will try. Thanks to Ubisoft for an excellent E3 Conference, just bring back the cheesiness of the previous ones!






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