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Osiris New Dawn Games News PC 

Osiris: New Dawn Steam Sale and Update.

Starting from today at 10 AM Pacific Time Osiris: New Dawn will be reduced at 33% off its original price of $24.99 USD. You can find the Steam Page for the game HERE. A trailer shows the new update called the Architect Update. The trailer features below:

The Architect Updates are featured below:

  • Creative Mode – Players can now enjoy a near-limitless sandbox game mode to build all sorts of amazing structures. Huge highways, large walled buildings, and massive landmarks are just some of the custom structures that can be made.
  • New Base Defenses and Utilities – Gamers can make use of different wall materials to reinforce their base of operations and take advantage of new electric fences, sling turrets, and electro-dome defenses.
  • Stackable Habitat Structures – Increase the colony’s livable space with stackable habitat structures connected with automated elevators.
  • Better Starting Equipment – A new beginning point as well as better starting equipment will ease new space adventurers into the harsh alien environment.
  • New Weapon: Bolt Rifle – The update introduces the powerful Bolt Rifle, a higher-powered, single shot weapon with tremendous range.
  • Batch Crafting and Auto Mining – Automate multiple crafting needs with Batch Crafting and never worry about searching for excavated minerals with the new Auto Mining option.
  • Rebalanced Skill Trees – Skill trees for every class have been rebalanced for better overall player progression.
  • New Gameplay Sliders – Customize the game with a huge assortment of slider options including Structure Decay Speed, Hover Duration, Fall Damage and much more.

For those of you that don’t know what the game is about I will write a small description below:

The Osiris: New Dawn is set in 2046 A. D. just after humans have discovered the use of light speed fold engine propulsion abilities. The Osiris crew has flown 20 light years away as part of a colonisation mission to discover planets for repopulation. Unfortunately, not all goes to plan and the crew land on a dangerous planet in which players must find ways to survive many obstacles. Does the game sound like a game you’d play? If so leave a comment below.




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