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New Trailer for Vostok Inc

Wired Productions and Nosebleed Interactive have released a brand new trailer of Vostok Inc which will release this holiday on the Nintendo Switch. The trailer can be viewed below:

The news has announced that Nintendo Switch players will gain exclusive content including a look at Pluto, which IS, in fact, a Planet! Quotations feature below:

Andreas Firnigl, Managing Director and designer at Nosebleed Interactive, commented: “Pluto has five moons. If you believe the International Astronomical Union, then they should be called dwarf planet moons. What do hundreds of international astrophysics experts and PHD graduates know. Pluto is a planet!”

Neil Broadhead, Communications Manager, Wired Productions, continued: “Pluto is – and always has been – a planet, and a huge part of our solar system since its discovery in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh. Its heart shaped expression, first seen from across the solar system on July 13th 2015, made us fall in love with Pluto all over again. Long distance relationships do work! Whether it’s 4.4bn km or 7.4bn km away, Pluto has a place in our hearts, and now a place in our game: Vostok Inc.”

Players in Vostok Inc will take the role of a corrupt and narcissistic specimen of a man who is hell-bent on making as much money possible. Take your ship in the twin-stick shooter and explore over 40 planets trying to make as much money as you can by colonising them, building factories, enslaving the hu… I mean setting up the perfect environment for your people to lead a happy and rich life, in turn, making you lots of money… yeah.




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