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IndieGOGO Campaign Launched For SST

Developer 4 I Lab studio best known for their award winning shooter Drunk or Dead have launched an IndiGOGO campaign for their newest title coded SST.

The Title has been described as a VR defense-shooting game specifically designed for single and co-op gaming.  In a sci-fi version of the distant future humans are fighting to survive against swarms of giant insects controlled by a hive mind. Protect your base while utilizing interactive objects around you that will help destroy the enemy. The queen will call wave after wave of bugs against you as you fight to survive.

SST is currently in alpha stage of development and include one location, three types of weapons, and four types of enemies. 4 I Lab are looking for a total 600,000 USD  to finish development of their project SST.

You can check out their IndiGOGO page and find more information or to help fund by clicking here.

Is SST Worth Backing, What Do You Think?

Source: 4 I Lab



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