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Battlestate Games Announces Closed Beta of Escape from Tarkov

Battlestate Games are releasing a new stage in the development of the hardcore online FPS Escape from Tarkov and it will start its closed beta testing soon. Early access players will receive invitations via their emails. The video below explains a bit more:


“In recent months we have done a formidable job optimizing the speed and stability of the game, fixed a lot of errors,” said Nikita Buyanov, head of the Battlestate Games. “Our main task is to make it comfortable to play for everyone. Therefore, I hope that players will understand the precautions we took with the gradual admission. Of course, the development of the game doesn’t stop here. It will grow richer with features and content with every consecutive update, as soon as they are ready. For example, the closed beta testing will be soon expanded with the quest system.”

The team have also announced that there will be a no non-disclosure agreement for those who are beta testing. All users will have access to making videos, sharing stories and screenshots to the world.



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