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AVerMedia Announced Live Gamer Portable 2

Video content creators, Twitch streamers and anyone else who enjoys making content in video games rejoice as AVerMedia has announced the Live Gamer Portable 2 with 4K Capabilities. Here is a statement from Betina Huang, Marketing Manager of the company:

“We appreciate the relentless passion of the streaming and gaming community. They’ve been instrumental in pushing us to design the new Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus for them,” said Betina Huang, Marketing Manager of AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. “From the 4K capabilities to low latency streaming, the LGP2 Plus will let them do things we never thought were possible.”

The device features wide connectivity hardware compression, a revamped¬† RECentral intuitive user interface (v4.0) the LGP2 Plus is the first capture card to offer 4Kp60 gameplay while recording at 1080p60 average without a high-spec PC. You can even record gameplay, commentary audio and party chats directly to a MicroSD Card which makes it all easy and simple for streamers and video content creators alike. I wouldn’t be lying if I said I want this badly.




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