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Abadon Guardians Rise Indie Showcase

Ummagumma Games have announced their first update of the year for their upcoming game Abadon: Guardians Rise which will be released on the Xbox One and PC. In the first update, a prototype for the in-game world map has been revealed. You can view the image below:

Abadon: Guardians Rise


Abadon: Guardians Rise combines 2D platforming levels with a top down shoot em up world map section. This will blend two types of gameplay together to keep it fresh and new. In the world map, players will explore to find the location of the next mission in doing this collectable can be obtained and random events will occur for the player to take on. Gameplay features below:


The plot taken from the developers features below:

“In the year of 2225, the Planet of Abadon finally stands united. War among nations has effectively been solved with the One People One World (OPOW) act of 2060, while any visible adderall xr online uk threat to world peace that does exist, comes in the form of radical terrorist groups.

As it always has. And yet, the growing technological power of the world’s United Nations has left Abadon convinced that even these will perish with time. Until now.

After a routine reconnaissance run leaves Abadon’s special task force, the Vanguardians, in disarray, multiple unknown threats begin to crop up over the planet. Their sources are unknown although definitely extra-terrestrial, with civilian casualties rising per the minute.

As these Guardians rush to neutralise the enemy and salvage the missing remnants of their task force, a larger conspiracy unravels; one inclusive of branching timelines, parallel universes, suspense and an overarching theme of vengeance that will have players coursing through Abadon: Guardian’s Rise several times.”

World maps are never really interactive in the sense of gameplay being added to it so I look forward to seeing how this works out.

Source: Ummagumma Games



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