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Pixelbator… Steam Greenlight’s new Masturbation Simulator (it’s real)

There are a lot of strange games out there. Think, ‘Shower With Your Dad Simulator‘, ‘Hatoful Boyfriend’ or even ‘I am Bread‘. One of the latest additions to Steam Greenlight isn’t merely going to add to that collection, it’s going to secure it’s place pretty high on the list of games that make you think ‘what the fuck?‘.


We present to you: Pixelbator, the virtual reality compatible (I can’t believe I’m writing this) masturbation simulator. Somewhat alarmingly, the game actually doesn’t look too bad. I think I’d enjoy it for a solid 30 seconds (that was a masturbation joke, in case you were wondering).


The premise of Pixelbator is simple: Let your freak flag fly without getting busted by any of your family members, who regularly interrupt your “alone time”. You’re met with five invasive family members, two daily visits from other acquaintances, and… a dog. (This is actually how the game is described). You can view the full trailer below:

I’m not going to pretend like a part of me isn’t looking forward to playing this. The trailer has definitely filled me with intrigue. What are your thoughts? Have games finally gone too far?



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