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Fortnite Early Access Preview

Fortnite by Epic Games is available now in early access on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Fortnite was a game I followed when I saw it showcase at E3, it looked almost unique in the way you could build the most magnificent forts to defend from hordes of monsters though I think they’re zombies. The loot system sounded fun, the characters individuality and customisation were right up my street and I love games with a creative aspect to it. My overall experience was mostly positive with a few hits and misses in between.

The stuff that I do enjoy is obviously the building, it’s easy, fast and fun. From building sniper towers to walls layered with traps, there is nothing limiting your creative touch if that’s your thing. For the people who prefer fighting over the building, the game caters to you by offering fun and satisfying third person shooters and the melee is also quite fun as-well, wielding pitch forks was strange but enjoyable. Throughout the game, you will have to mine for resources to build weapons you earn from treasure boxes and llama pinatas. If you buy access to the game you will receive quite a lot of goodies at the start especially purple items, but I haven’t been able to build a single thing out of my purple stash yet, unfortunately, the game does seem a bit of a grind at times. You will also need wood, metal and stone to build your fortresses to defend the objective. The basics premise of the game is that it’s a tower defence game but it has a bit more depth to it, the world has a back-story the characters have personalities and playing with friends is a lot of fun, but playing with uncooperative team mates via match making isn’t.

Onto the negatives, Fortnite feels like quite the grind at times, I’ve barely been able to construct my rare weapons, I always find myself with no traps whatsoever and getting team mates that don’t co-operate can ruin the objective and the overall score at the end, though that isn’t any fault on the developers side. Fortnite is a seriously fun game but I feel things like finding loot could be adjusted, match making could be adjusted to find people to match your playstyle and consequences should be there for early quitters. In all seriousness, it’s the grind that lets it down but due to it becoming a free to play the game next year I see why they put it in place, they want people to pay to get further quicker.

Overall I had a good time on Fortnite, I feel the gameplay elements are fun enough to keep it fresh for a long time, but I hope regular updates are made to balance it out in the future and add more content. A review will arrive once the game is out of early access.



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