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Fallout: New Vegas – Project Brazil (Four) Years in the life

Fallout: New Vegas is perhaps the crowning achievement of RPG’s. It seamlessly blended open-world gameplay with a thrilling story (which was almost entirely directed by the player), memorable characters, and a stellar line-up of DLCs.

Said DLC’s took the player to many exotic locations which boasted more and more of the player character’s mysterious past, culminating in a battle for the fate of the world. But when hours and hours of beautifully crafted story and gameplay finally come to a close, what is there left to do with Fallout: New Vegas?

In 2013, a team of talented, dedicated modders came to heed our call. Fallout: New Vegas – Project Brazil is a near DLC sized expansion for F:NV. It adds a ton more NPCs, a sprawling Vault 18 to explore, snippets of hidden story and scapes of lore hidden in terminals and dialogue options, and an array of interesting weapons.

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t bought F:NV, downloaded it, played it, bought and played all the DLCs, downloaded and played Project Brazil yet: Go. Right now. Stop reading and do that. We’ll see you in a few months.

Back? Good. Let’s get into it.

Project Brazil’s starts out with a surprisingly well made introduction video, paying homage to earlier Fallout titles. It then throws us into the shoes of the player character, nicknamed ‘Star’. We are immediately given a choice that will start us off with some perks.

As the ‘Vaultball’ players rush towards you, Star can either dodge or tackle his opponent, the latter giving you the ‘jock’ perks, and the former giving you ‘nerd’ perks. Star awakens in the vault infirmary, where a vigor-tester is used to determine the player’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L skills.

After sitting through some dialogue, the player can now explore the vault at his/her leisure. Exploring offers side-quests which can grant specific perks, and unlock companions for later in the game. Once the player has had their fill, they retire to bed, only to awaken into a dream world.

The obligatory wise old man informs Star that they have a calling, and that great danger is ahead. The player can now either fight, or flee through the dream world, eventually ending up back in bed, only something has gone terribly wrong…

Star awakens to find that the vault has been overrun by Enclave, and Enclave loyalists living inside the vault. The player fights their way through to the hydroponics lab, where the vault security team is making a last stand against the Enclave. After a hard fought victory, Star meets with the Overseer, to discover that he has set the vault to self-destruct to kill as many Enclave as he can.

Star and their companions escape the vault by the skin of their teeth, and are thrust out into the unfamiliar lands of New California.

This, unfortunately, is where Project Brazil’s story ends. For now. The player can explore the map, but many areas are missing, or under-developed. But never fear! The ragtag team of developers fuelled only by donations and hordes of adoring fans are still working on Project Brazil. With plans for multiple endings, more weapons, and exotic locations, PB is nearing completion.

With four years of seemingly non-stop development under its wings, Project Brazil is just about ready to take off and soar. It is exceedingly rare to see such a devoted development team working on a project of this scope and scale. Many would have given up. Many more would not even have attempted. But to get this far, to do this much, requires true dedication, and insurmountable patience.

We anxiously await the full release of Project Brazil, which will hopefully be sometime this year.

You can grab the current release either here or here.




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