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Police Simulator 18 Games News PC 

Police Simulator 18 Is Coming Soon

Last August Police Simulator – Law Enforcement was announced by astragon Entertainment and Big Moon Interactive. Today astragon is happy to announce that the title will be coming at the end of this year and will now be called Police Simulator 18.   Players will get to take on the role of a Police Man or Woman in the United States. Go on patrol in the streets of Loston Bay solo or with a friend and arrest the criminals of the city to keep it clean. Through the power of…

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Xbox Games with Gold Games News Xbox 

Xbox Games With Gold July Line Up

It’s that time again where Microsoft is giving Xbox players some free games with Xbox Games with Gold, the list features below: Grow Up – Players will be able to download this from the 1st of July until the 31st of July. Grow Up puts you in the robotic shoes of B.U.D. who is able to climb any landscape in his path. B.U.D. will use his stalk growing powers to achieve his new ultimate goal of reaching the moon. B.U.D. will also be armed with new abilities such has scanning…

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Perception Games PC PlayStation Reviews Xbox 

Perception Review

Perception developed by The Deep End Games is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Perception places you into the life of blind woman Cassie. Cassie has been having strange dreams about a place called Echo’s Bluff so decides to set out on a journey to discover why she’s having these dreams and why she feels she’s been called there. The unique twist about Perception is that Cassie being blind must use echolocation to figure her surroundings. The story interested me quite a bit while it’s a basic…

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Heavy Metal Machines Games News PC 

Heavy Metal Machines And Its Multiple Updates

Hoplon the developers behind Heavy Metal Machines have released a major bomb upgrade for the combat racing MOBA. Not only is there a bomb update but also new modes, community features and registration details for inaugural Esports European Tournament. A gameplay video and dev diary feature below:   Hoplon will be offering a staggering 10,000 Euros in the first ever Heavy Metal Machines Esports competition. The competition will take place later this summer and registration will open July 1st. New Community Features – Teams Players can now run with crews of…

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Tour De France Games PlayStation Reviews Xbox 

Tour De France 2017 Review

Tour de France 2017 from developer Cyanide Studio and publisher Focus Home Interactive is the next in the series that allows people to get a taste of what being in the famous cycle race would be like, without having to actually cycle up those hills. If you’re like me then it would be more like take one look at those hills and just get off and walk the bike up! Though I have played racing simulators before, this is the first time I’ve played one that is about cycle racing…

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Steam Games Opinion PC 

Steam Summer Sale Is Almost Here But The Excitement Isn’t There

It’s that time again where our wallets scream “please god no stop!” as we spend spend spend on the Steam sales. In just 2 hours a rush of bargains will flood our pages and I’m sure we’ll all fall for them but it’s not what it use to be is it? I’ve been a member of Steam since 2004 when I got Half Life 2 for Christmas on a Radeon 9000 Pro graphics card that could barely run it, but hey it was Half Life 2. Steam was but a…

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Cities Skylines Games News PlayStation Trailer 

Cities Skylines Coming To PlayStation 4

Paradox Interactive the publisher of the hit city building game Cities Skylines will be coming to the PlayStation 4 August 15th, 2017. A trailer features below showing the new controls and UI:   The deep immersion in creating the city of your dreams has been specially redesigned for PlayStation 4 gamers around the world. When the title is released it will also include the After Dark expansion which will give players the chance to plan and design for their cities nightlife and tourist attractions. More features are listed below: Build…

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SEGA Forever Games Mobile News 

SEGA Forever Announced

SEGA Forever, a service from SEGA Networks Inc that will let us play many of the classic titles that were released on many of the old consoles for free. You will be able to download the app on IOS and Android from tomorrow. Each game in the app will be released for free with ads and you’ll be able to play offline, have cloud saves, controller support and access to leader boards or you can pay $1.99 for the games to receive them without ads. The collection will expand through…

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remaster Games News PC PlayStation Xbox 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remaster Standalone?

We all know that it’s coming, don’t we? When is Activision going to announce the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remaster? There has been leaks, listing and many rumours for it to be released in June. Below is a supposed leaked image of the box art, we aren’t sure if it’s legit or not but make your own mind up on the matter when you see the picture below:   As it’s already June 2017 if it is real and the leaked date is also real then we…

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Hunt Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Crytek’s Hunt Showdown Has Returned And Is Coming Soon

Crytek has brought Hunt back from the dead after a long battle with financial issues. Crytek instead of giving up has fought to get back up the ladder with developers going several months without pay to keep it alive which is very honourable and respectful in my opinion. Hoping to make money from the game and the CryEngine side of things will Crytek bounce back? Below is a trailer for the multiplayer co-op action game. The trailer is courtesy of MKIceAndFire:   I support Crytek’s employees for fighting for the…

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