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Fallout New Vegas Games Opinion PC 

Fallout: New Vegas – Project Brazil (Four) Years in the life

Fallout: New Vegas is perhaps the crowning achievement of RPG’s. It seamlessly blended open-world gameplay with a thrilling story (which was almost entirely directed by the player), memorable characters, and a stellar line-up of DLCs. Said DLC’s took the player to many exotic locations which boasted more and more of the player character’s mysterious past, culminating in a battle for the fate of the world. But when hours and hours of beautifully crafted story and gameplay finally come to a close, what is there left to do with Fallout: New…

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Unearned Bounty Games PC Reviews 

Unearned Bounty Review

Unearned Bounty is a free-for-all arena combat game, developed by Extrokold Games using the Unity engine. The game is played entirely on a pirate cheap adderall xr ship, with the main objective to destroy as many enemies, gather as much loot, and upgrade your ship as much as possible within a limited time. Bright and distinct colours greet the player when they first begin, as well as some very nicely detailed boats. Explosions and other visual effects are quite neat, and suit the art style well. The same can be…

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Crimsonland Games PC Reviews 

Crimsonland (2014) Review

Originally released in 2003, Crimsonland was developed by 10tons Entertainment and published by Reflexive Entertainment. Over a decade since its original release, Crimsonland saw a 2014 re-release with improved graphics and revised gameplay. The graphics for this game are simple, but effective. A vast improvement from the original 2003 release. The environments, enemies, and playable characters have all been overhauled, giving the game a much sleeker and cleaner feel. Blood effects have been added, giving a satisfying splatter when an enemy is hit. Visual effects have been reworked to feel much…

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Clustertruck Games PC Reviews 

Clustertruck Review

Clustertruck is a physics-based truck parkour game, developed by Landfall Games, using the Unity Engine. The basic premise is simple, featuring ‘the floor is lava-esque’ game-play, with increasingly difficult challenges as you progress through the levels. Clustertruck is a game about jumping from truck to truck, trying to avoid an endless slew of outrageous obstacles that push around not only you, but the obstacles too. A score is earned at the end of each level, which can be later used to purchase small upgrades and power-ups, such as double-jump or…

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Kholat Games PC Reviews 

Kholat Review

Kholat is an independently developed open-world survival horror game, produced by Polish company, IMGN.PRO. Loosely based on a true story, it re-tells the events of the famous Dylatov Pass incident, in which nine hikers went missing on Kholat Syakhl, a mountain in western Russia. The hikers were found over a period of four months with various degrees of injuries that are to this day, unexplained. The game, narrated by Sean Bean, is played from a first-person perspective, takes place long after the Dylatov Incident, and involves the player character re-tracing…

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