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GTA Police Games News PC 

Red Dead Redemption Mod for GTA V Halted by Take-Two

With only the initial trailer released yesterday, White Team’s mod for Grand Theft Auto V, aiming to bring a Red Dead Redemption environment to Los Santos, has been stopped by Take-Two. The goal of the mod was to port the entire Red Dead Redemption map to the PC version of GTA V. Mr. Leisurewear of White Team had this to say: I know this is a hard pill to swallow, but as you may have noticed we did get contacted, and we sadly have to say we are stopping this…

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Pixelbator Games News PC 

Pixelbator… Steam Greenlight’s new Masturbation Simulator (it’s real)

There are a lot of strange games out there. Think, ‘Shower With Your Dad Simulator‘, ‘Hatoful Boyfriend’ or even ‘I am Bread‘. One of the latest additions to Steam Greenlight isn’t merely going to add to that collection, it’s going to secure it’s place pretty high on the list of games that make you think ‘what the fuck?‘. We present to you: Pixelbator, the virtual reality compatible (I can’t believe I’m writing this) masturbation simulator. Somewhat alarmingly, the game actually doesn’t look too bad. I think I’d enjoy it for a solid 30 seconds…

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Watch Dogs 2 Games News PC PlayStation Xbox 

Watch Dogs 2 Patch Released Bringing New Content

We know for a lot of you the game is all but dead, but hopefully this manages to get a few of you back into the San Fran Bay area and hacking away: A new free patch has been released for Watch Dogs 2, bringing with it a host of new content and bug fixes, including a new mode for online play, ‘Showd0wn’. The patch releases today across all platforms. The full details can be found below: • New Online Mode: Showd0wn – This is a new type of online gameplay…

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Pokemon Go Games Mobile News Nintendo 

Shiny Magikarp now attainable in Pokémon GO!

Still playing Pokémon Go? Yeah, us too. In case you weren’t aware, Niantic has stepped up their game during the water festival, which started a few days ago. It’s been announced that since the start of the festival, players worldwide will now have access to the new, extremely rare ‘shiny Magikarp’. It’s not going to pop up easily, but the potential is there. There will also be an increased likelihood toward water-type Pokémon, with them appearing in places that normally wouldn’t. “Trainers across the globe have reported sightings of golden…

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Horizon Zero Dawn Review Games News PlayStation 

Horizon Zero Dawn Exceeded 2.6m Global Sales in First Two Weeks

If you haven’t heard of Horizon Zero Dawn, where have you been? The PlayStation 4 exclusive from Guerrilla released on February 28th globally to a huge amount of praise from gamer’s and critics alike. Sony Interactive have released some sales figures, letting us know that the title exceeded 2.6 million units in its first two weeks of launch. “We knew Horizon Zero Dawn was going to be something special, so to see the incredible critical reaction to a brand new game world translate into this level of sales is really gratifying,”…

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Games News PC PlayStation 

No Man’s Sky Update Brings New Vehicles, Permadeath Mode and More

A new update has released for No Man’s Sky, bringing with it some pretty impressive new features. The Path Finder update, which released recently is another free update released by Hello Games. We were surprised, excited, and overwhelmed by the positive response to our last update (Foundation), and it made us even more passionate about continuing to update this game we love. The latest update boasts quite a number of new features, bringing with them a whole new method for planetary exploration. Exocraft vehicles will enable players to explore planets…

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Nintendo Switch Games News Nintendo 

PSA: Got a Switch? Get a Screen Protector ASAP

If you’re one of the handful of people who has already rushed out to pick up their Nintendo Switch, can we make a suggestion? Get a screen protector. Now. Users are already reporting hairline scratches appearing on the bottom left-hand corner, as seen in the photo below: The damage is caused by placing and removing the Switch from its plastic dock. Should you slide it in and miss the USB-C prong in the dock, the movement caused by trying to get it to line up (even carefully, we’re told) eventually begins…

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Nintendo Switch Games News Nintendo Tech 

Nintendo Switch VR on the Horizon?

The recently launched Nintendo Switch is a hot topic of conversation at the moment, with gamer’s from all walks scrambling to get their hands on the latest console from Nintendo. One of the big questions regarding the Switch thus far is the potential for Virtual Reality. Earlier this year, Nintendo President, Tatsumi Kimishima, confirmed the company will add VR support to the Switch console if/when it can resolve comfort issues, resulting from long periods of use. Nintendo are currently working out how to implement virtual reality, and how to overcome some concerns….

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Microsoft Xbox One Games News PC Xbox 

Xbox Game Pass Releasing this Spring

Microsoft will be releasing a new subscription service to gamer’s later this year. Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix style subscription service, which is aiming to boast a catalogue of more than 100 games at launch, allowing users to pay a flat $9.99 monthly subscription fee and play to their hearts content. The titles that will be available at launch have been selected from both Xbox One libraries and backwards compatible favourites, with publishers such as BANDAI NAMCO, SEGA, THQ, Codemasters, Capcom, 2K and more having games on the roster….

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Shadow of Mordor Games News PC PlayStation Xbox 

Has Target Confirmed Sequel to Shadow of Mordor?

Target are the latest to join the ever-growing list of retailers announcing things that probably shouldn’t have been announced. Rumours have been circulating for a while now about a sequel to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, but it’s looking as though we’ve received confirmation via images and a description uploaded to Target’s website earlier today. According to the listing, the sequel will be releasd on August 22nd. It was expected that Warner Brothers were set to make an announcement regarding the title in early March. Pity Target beat them to…

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