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Dying Light Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

George A. Romero Tribute in Dying Light

Techland is proud to unveil a special commemorative mural to the father of zombies himself, George A. Romero displayed in Dying Light. The video tribute is displayed below: A lovely message from George A. Romero’s son: “When members of Techland reached out to me asking if I would be ok with them paying homage to my father in their game “Dying Light,” I was honoured as I’m a massive fan of the game and I love the graffiti work they do! What a beautiful way to give his fans a…

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Ninja Shodown Games Nintendo PC PlayStation Reviews Xbox 

Ninja Shodown Indie Showcase

Ninja Shodown in now available on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Ninja Shodown pitches you or you and friends against hordes of enemies in challenging tight spaces and challenges you to get the highest score you possibly can. You’ll be able to traverse the map like a true ninja with many weapons and power-ups at your disposal. A list of features are listed below: • Intense local multiplayer action for one to four players, either competitively or co-operatively… you choose! • Six distinct game modes –…

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Ticket Games Mobile PC Reviews 

Ticket To Ride First Journey Short Review

Ticket to Ride is now available on Steam and iOS. Ticket to Ride is a board game for families and kids alike and brings the popular board game to the phone and PC. The objective is to embark on your own train journey across the included countries, for example, Europe and the USA. You must collect train cards and claim the most routes as fast as possible to win, once a player reaches the finish line, they win, or if no one reaches the finish line the one with the…

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Middle Earth Shadow of War Games PC PlayStation Reviews Xbox 

Middle Earth Shadow of War Review

Middle Earth Shadow of War developed by Monolith Productions is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The Ranger is back and better than ever, you and the Bright Lord journey across Mordor to create a large army big enough to defeat Sauron and the Witch King. Most of the story is a build-up to taking Mordor for your own and I felt it was better than the story of the first game and I felt the progression in all of the quests has been improved and each…

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The Evil Within 2 Games News PC PlayStation Xbox 

The Evil Within 2 Now Available Online and in Stores

The Evil Within 2 is now available to buy on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. The launch trailer features below: Critics and gamers have been rating the game pretty highly with a Metacritic score of 80 and a user average of 8.7 proving that the game is a hit already and a perfect sequel to its predecessor. Sebastian Castellanos is thrown back into the nightmare born from the infamous STEM but this time the mission is personal. He must find his daughter Lily who he thought died years ago…

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The Norwood Suite Games PC Reviews 

The Norwood Suite Review

The Norwood Suite is now available on PC via Steam and was developed by Cosmo D The Norwood Suite, what a strange game… It isn’t strange in a bad way, it’s pretty good, I found myself engaged in the environment and lore that had been created. The game really establishes a musical focus which I quite enjoyed, the characters all spoke in music and it was quite interesting speaking to them all. Each character had a lot to say and would set side tasks which would aid me in my…

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Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL Games News Nintendo Trailer 

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL Is Making Its Way To The Nintendo Switch

Wired Productions is proud to announce that the hit indie game Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL is coming to the Nintendo Switch. You can view the trailer below: A statement by Leo Zullo the Managing Director at Wired Productions is available to view below: “Tiny Troopers is a modern arcade classic and simply great fun from start to finish.” said Leo Zullo, Managing Director, Wired Productions, “It’s a perfect game to play on the go and the flexibility that players will have on Switch will be an unparalleled experience.” Tiny…

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The Evil Within 2 Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

The Evil Within 2 Launch Trailer Released

Bethesda today has launched the brand new launch trailer for the upcoming The Evil Within 2 game that will release on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 on October 13th. The trailer can be viewed before: Sebastian Castellanos is thrown back into the nightmare born from the infamous STEM but this time the mission is personal. He must find his daughter Lily who he thought died years ago and as the world crumbles around him he must save her and himself from being lost in STEM. What lengths will he…

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Battle Royale Games News Nintendo PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Battle Royale Game Announced For Nintendo Switch

Black Riddles Studios has announced that they will be bringing Crazy Justice, the Nintendo Switch’s first game with a Battle Royale mode. The game will release late 2018. A crowdfunding link and trailer both feature below as the company are trying to raise $30,000. Fig crowdfunding The campaign has already reached $19,000 and has 9 days left to raise the rest. The features in the game are listed below: Building and upgrading system Destructible environments Cross-platform support Motion control support on the Nintendo Switch Splitscreen support for up to 4 players Cover…

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G2A Games News PC 

G2A Bundle 7 is now Live

G2A has launched a new bundle of games, the list features below: Plantera – Are you dreaming of a garden but live in a concrete jungle? Then let your gardening dreams come true as you harvest plants and collect fruits and vegetables in your very own virtual garden. This casual farming simulator comes ripe with little blue helpers, irksome critters, and coins galore. Alien Shooter TD – This Tower Defense game based on the legendary Alien Shooter series is perfect for the hero who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty. Resist countless…

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